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Catch what's trending in India's Mobile Commerce

India prepares for the march into an "App-only" world with 110M highly-engaged mobile users as of

March, 2015.  

About 79% of customers bought using apps compared to only 37% last year.

E-commerce app downloads in India have grown by 31% just over last year.

For every 100 mobile users, 8 book flights using apps and 3 use mobile web 

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With 60 per cent of the world going mobile, the e-commerce players are looking to provide a tailor-made experience for their customers and app is the way forward.

We’ve seen activity decay of 80-90% in three to seven days. You can lose a customer in seven days. In that context, personalization and engagement becomes the key

- Gourav Chindlur, COO, Vizury

- Shiju Mathew, Head Mobile Products, Vizury

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